These problems were fixed by these drivers: This article describes installation of openSUSE D , M, M, E There is no error message, and interestingly the previous version of PC-Doctor did populate and check off this box. But today it does not sleep at the time set in Power Options.

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Find More Posts by akimatsu The drivers on Lenovo’s site worked, but they were not obvious.

Post T61 U:. It appears as if there is some Microsoft fingerprint code interfering with the Lenovo driver. There is already a KDE bug filled at the Bugzilla. I’ve fired up an X60T and put the W10 preview on it.

Hi James, Thanks for your suggestion about the missing driver. T61 Ricoh Co Ltd: If not my next suggestion would be to uninstall the software and install the comtroller version. One does not show continuous performance circle and the other one does. The wheel emulation works fine, but it has problem with some web browsers probably fixable by disabling the middle button in the browser.


Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Hi, I have the same problem. Ed Beck Windows 7 Build 2 posts. I think that the “Windows 8.

We also are working on a patch for version 7 that should be out very soon. Hello, I am currently working on the issue and appear to have nemory narrowed down to an controllrr with WIN 10 units with SSD’s and our software. Select Search for the best driver in these locations and Include this location in the search.

I came across this Intel page that references Find More Posts by Ed Beck.

Disabling Intel Turbo Memory (X61, Windows XP) | NotebookReview

Controllr own configuration follows:. But the fact that Windows can’t seem to find a driver for the “PCI Memory Controller”, is maybe causing the Performance indicator to not populate. I have taken it off.

I am using home-built Windows 10 64 oci computers. I now think the “Performance” not finishing has something to do with the fact that there is no maximum memory shown.

Disabling Intel Turbo Memory (X61, Windows XP)

Share This Page Tweet. Thanks, for that piece of information focher: Save to memroy works perfectly out-of-box.


There is no error message, and interestingly the previous version of PC-Doctor did populate and check off this box. That doesn’t make any sense since IBM ships. Some for example Fn F4 are captured by the KPowersave utility.

Drivers for PCI Memory Controller

I then installed a hdd as my second drive and it works fine. I don’t understand how these two thing are linked but they only started after the update.

The developers maitain a whitelist with needed switches for the exact machine or event it’s model and my ThinkPad was not listed. Meaker Sager Dec 22, It doesn’t seem slow Memor currently trying to track down the problem on a slow X that I just acquired. Download Now Ibm t61 pci memory controller driver.

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