Posted by Andy Y at Jan 25, After reading this I found an old adapter still attached to a dusty, disused Omega Zip drive and used that to fire it up. After reading other comments I decided to contact Lacie as my drive was still under warranty. Never buy a Lacie peripheral with a power brick, or any drive with a power brick or wall wart for that matter. It’s like the old Zip Drive click of death all over again! He is a lifelong computer geek and loves everything related to computers, software, and new technology. My Lacie 1TB extreme drive is also failing to power up.

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I’m going to replace the supply, but this got me back to work for at least a few hours this evening.

Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled. As it was on wihtout and drives in it, I popped one of the drives and and the drive spun up and it sounded as if it was reading and whatnot. Skip to navigation Search Site only in current section.

The post had around comments on it. I’m looking for exactly the same, same Lacie, want 2 separate drives. Now I can move on to worrying about how I should really back up my back up Posted by JB at Jul 27, This tool will download and update the correct Lacie Big Disk Extreme with Triple Interface driver versions automatically, protecting you against installing the wrong Big Disk Extreme with Triple Interface drivers.


What happened during the past few weeks that would have made it completely dead, when it was running or spinning, at least even with a “bad” power supply? I took the cover off and tried powering the drives from my PC, this didnt work out, i guess the powersupply were more damaged than i thought.

I wish I had the good news to post that most others have here. Inside the attractively textured silver metal case are two extreem. Thanks laciee the original blog author and to all those who responded, anxiously awaiting and I’ll weigh back in to share whether or not this resolves the problem.

Put some heatshrink tube on wires, soldered, then shrunk. But just last week the same issue occurred bgi light blinking, drive ‘tries’ to mount but won’t and laCie sent me another power cord.

I told him it was making a low hissing sound. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Sure enough, it wasn’t the drive hissing, but the damn power supply! When turned off then back on, light would flash red first, then go through boot sequence. The only problem with this external drive is that it is setup in a RAID 0.

LaCie Big Disk Extreme – hard drive – 400 GB – FireWire 800 / FireWire Series

Having the drive die and then being charged a hundred dollars by an incompetent computer store Mac Enthusiasts in Los Angeles to be told that it would cost upwards of dollars to recover the data – and then to have the problem solved by a two minute google search and a twenty dollar power supply.


Posted by Mark C at Aug 09, The Lacie was a network drive, though, so I don’t know if it’s easy to get a replacement enclosure that will also let it run on the network.

Is everyone using a Uninterupted Power Supply surge protector???? Much obliged to you, sir. The blue light blinked, but the drive wouldn’t mount.

Furthermore, bigg the wrong Lacie drivers can make these problems even worse. The drives start to spin but fail to get up to speed or mount, blue light flashes, etc. Extremee you so much. Read speeds were slightly better than the write speeds, but given LaCie’s excellent reputation one somehow expects the performance to be just a little brisker. Had the replacement PSU at my doorstep within 3 business days. I just ordered a new power supply from this ebay seller: It took resets before the drive came on operational speed.

LaCie Big Disk Extreme+ Dual Support | LaCie Support US

Wow I thought it was the Lacie drive itself making the loud hissing sound. I made a work around until LaCie sends me back new power packs. Tried powering it with a different power adapter from my other identical drive – still nothing.

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