If you haveconfigured one or more hot spares, the drive can be rebuilt automatically. If you have more than one adapter, select the next adapter, and repeat thisprocedure. To create arrays by using New Configuration: Sets the method and timing for spinning down the harddisk drives. Page Chapter 6Capacity ExpansionFirst, Install Additional CapacityInstall the additional physical capacity hot-swap disk drive modules into theinternal hot-swap mass storage cage or into the external enclosure. With orwithout PFS enabled, a reconstruction restarts automatically where it wasinterrupted by a power failure.

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Press the 1sl to add the highlighted physical drive to the currentarray. Restart the HP NetServer. Page Chapter 6Capacity Expansion4. On the Virtual Size Feature menu, choose Enable, and confirm yourchoice. Disable Virtual SizingThe only other requirement for online capacity expansion of your logical drive isthat Virtual Sizing is disabled. Skip to main content. See “Initializing LogicalDrives” in this chapter for more information.

The array selection window appears if there are anyunconfigured disk drives left. In our example, Select the unpartitioned area, and create a primarypartition of 4 GB. Restart the host HP NetServer, and watch for the flashing message: Press the arrow keysto highlight a disk drive that has a Ready indicator and press F4 todesignate it as a hot spare. Page Chapter 6Capacity Expansion2.


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When you are finished defining arrays and hot spares: If you select NewConfiguration, the existing configuration information on the selectedadapter is destroyed when the new betraid is saved. EnterStop adding drives to the current array, and configure thelogical drive. Look for the 11si prompt during startup: If you have more than one adapter, choose Select Adapter from the ToolsManagement menu, and then select the adapter for which you want tochange or view the Rebuild Rate.

F3Display the logical drives that have been configured.

HP NetRAID 1Si Controller : HP NetRAID Series User Guide

The Disk Partition Type display shows the free space in the logical drive. From the Logical Drives menu, choose the logical drive you want toprepare for expansion. To change a logical drive: Choose the adapter controlling the logical drive. If “Dynamic” is displayed, the logical drive is in Dynamic DiskMode, and you cannot expand capacity online as described inthis section. It assumes that you have already installedNetWare 5.


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Phones by Shara Tibken Dec 6, The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on neteaid. This selection is not available. To remove a physical drive from aRAID 0 logical drive, you must back up your data, reconfigure the logical drive,then restore the data. Save the configuration and print it.

Drives IDs are determined by the slot positionsor are set by switches. Write-Back is NOT recommended unless one of the followingis true: Chapter 5Reconstructing and Rebuilding Drives2. Most functions common to all three utilitiesare not listed. Choose Select Adapter from the Tools Management menu. The window shows the logical drive that is currently being configured aswell as any existing logical drives. Chapter 6Capacity ExpansionCapacity Expansion under Windows This section describes how to expand disk capacity after the system has been inoperation for a time.

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