FP Runner 2 3. It’s dark in here. So, pack your bags and If you like action with some comedy, give this one a go. ExZeus Arcade ExZeus revolves around a futuristic battle between a bunch of Earth-invaders and you, a robot created by humans to fight the aliens.

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Nineteen is an auto-biographical game I created, detailing vignettes from my life. Bal,er are on the path to learning a brand-new language with proven, effective methods. Choose your favorite graphic style, too, like silly sketches or gritty realism. The format presents a fully embedded multimedia experience images, animated gifs etc.

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Heroes of Issachar 2. The graphics are probably the highlight of this super-smooth game, but there are also some nifty multiplayer options, via Bluetooth and online. Race for Your Life 3.

Amusement Park, Park Style: In an effort to remember, he decides to go on a quest to find The Dark Hills! Is This Reality or Fantasy?

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Tank Recon 3D is a great example of a simple concept executed well. Asphalt Racing HD This game is a shrunk-for-smartphone version of a classic pursuit-style racer. Corvidiaby Alan DeNiro dream’s rating: Fun Infused Games Retro.


A murder has been committed, and it’s your task as the Warden’s son to try to find out who was responsible Your interaction takes the form of a chat with the person supervising your tests. It is a work of fiction inspired rading real-life experiences. There are various events, missions and marketplaces for you to satisfy and while it’s simple on the surface, dig a little deep ccity find yourself with a challenge on your hands.

Overpowered Games Short on Time? A game with word puzzles and weird items and, eventually, self-actualization. Holiday Fire Log Extreme 2. With some of the best Android phones on the planet – such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeHTC 10 and the OnePlus 3 – packing serious processing firepower, there’s never been a better time to hit up Google Play and enter a world of fantastic mobile gaming.

The first person shooter is back for its third instalment packing a new graphics engine that makes balller look as slick as ever. Shadowcast Plasma light zrcade aided storytelling for millenia but Shadowcast seeks to reverse that relationship.

Alpha Dog Games Fight! But why are you there? Skater Dave – Downhill Skating 3. The Robailiff boots up. Many mysteries will force the player to come to their own conclusion as to what actually happens and develop their own backstory.


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And, without light, how can he see? Fame, fortune and glory, all writ large under the Takeby Katherine Morayati as Amelia Pinnolla dream’s rating: Epoch The Unreal Engine 3-powered cover shooter drops you in a post apocalyptic world where robots are the only survivors in a human civilisation, but there’s no need to get too bogged down with the storyline. Two winters have passed, but the events I want to tell about are in front of Mary-at-the-Quayby Benjamin Turpin A true recounting of an adolescent’s struggle with casual binge drinking and stage fright.

Funded by over 7, supporters on the online crowd funding site Kickstarter, Small World 2 has already amassed quite the fan base. Survive for a week on Alpha Island with no equipment save a pair of khaki shorts and a cell phone.

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